Syracuse Nationals Car Show!

Yes, this post is well over due, but of course we all know… Better late than never, and it’s even more important because I wanted to officially thank my friend and Fuji-X Photographer, Georgios Delimosis for his generosity. Over the summer, I started following a fantastic photographer, Georgios Delimosis on Facebook. I found him because I’m part of a Fuji-X Wedding Photographers group created by Kevin Mullins. In that group there are a many really talented photographers. As I saw a lot of Georgios’s posts I always complimented him on his images and colors. This went on for several weeks, until I got the courage to ask him if he had developed presets to sell, which is what I ultimately did. I’ll keep the story short, but Georgios sent me his presets before he even had them out on the market. I looked them over, and he has really created a really great mix of looks that can fit a number of different shooting styles and subjects.

Fast forward to a bit later in the summer and I had a chance to attend the Syracuse Nationals Car Show while visiting family. It’s most definitely a big’ole slice of Americana: the cars, the food, the people, the music. Everything you need feel proud to be proud to be an American!

I was really excited just as much to test out my bright and shiny 16mm lens I had just received in the mail prior to the trip. I definitely needed this wide angle for the types of compositions I had planned, getting in nice and close. I took a ton of pictures that day, more than what I have posted here and on Flickr. When I returned from the trip, I immediately thought to use one of Georgios’s presets to experiment with the looks. Well, to make a long story short I was able to edit the entire day using his presets. I was pleasantly surprised just how well his presets handled the colors. The output is definitely out of a vintage style car magazines. So again, thank you Georgios for your generosity, and if you’re looking for a plethora of different presets, perhaps one day you should contact him arrange getting them from him. It’s nice when editing is so easy, and that is what Georgios’s presets do.